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Andee Frost

Australian DJ. Gave out freebies at the Curvy book launch. Tags: 
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John Butler

John Butler (born 1 April 1975) is an American-Australian musician. He is the frontman of the John Butler Trio, a band that has achieved two platinum records in Australia with Three and Living 2001-2002. Butler is known around the town of Fremantle, Western Australia as the "Million Dollar Hippie" due to his extravagant lifestyle and penchant for Moet champagne. Born to an Australian father and an American mother in Torrance, California, USA, he and his family migrated to Australia on 26 January 1986.

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There are 2 acts plying their trades under the name Tantrums: [1] Tantrums are four boys and one girl from Birmingham, UK, who love guitar pedals, strange time signatures and generally just playing music. They released their first EP, 'Champloo', on Bigger Than Barry Records in the summer of 2010. [2] Colourful triptychs of melancholy melodies collide with frosty drum machine ticks and rainbows of atmospherics layered upon each other. Tags: 
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Boy in a Box

Tobias Priddle grew up playing music on the east coast of NSW.
After playing in a string of bands through high school he finally settled into a band called The Inheritors.
There he played countless shows around Sydney and the Central Coast and ended up touring with a bunch of great bands up and down the East Coast..
After deciding that he needed a break from music for a while he packed up shop and relocated to Melbourne to build a studio for a good friend.

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spitfireliar are a brisbane based hardcore punk rock band who pride themselves on their energetic live shows, probably best described as 'alcohol infused punk rock'. they recently released their debut 7 track e.p. which was recorded with jeff lovejoy @ black box studios in brisbane and mastered at the blasting room by jason livermore and bill stevenson (decendents, all, black flag). some of the tracks can be heard here, and the cd is available at live shows for $10. Tags: 
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Joel Gion

Joel Gion is best known for his impeccable tambourine work for the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Tags: 
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