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There are at least two musical projects named Aftermath: 1 Thrash metal; Chicago based AFTERMATH, fonted by the Greek born Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis, formed in October 1985 when Charlie and his schoolmate Steve Sacco (Guitar) got together. This early incarnation with Adam (Bass) issued their first demo called "Sentenced To Death" in 1986 featuring 'Sentenced to Death', 'Revenge', 'Shotgun' and 'The Aftermath'.

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Band Of Brothers

From the series Band of Brothers Based on the men in 101st Airborne who fought together to stop the Nazi onslaught during World War II and became one of the most higly decorated units to have ever served anywhere.

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Something Must Break

Something Has Broken are a hardcore band from Canberra. They sound like pure sadness. As of Summer 2011, Something Must Break have announced they will be writing and recording a 3-way split with hardcore heroes Have Heart and Verse for early release in 2012, entitled "Songs 2 Mosh 2". Both bands however, have recently dropped out of the project, claiming sexual harassment. they have recently announced that they are changing their name, and will soon be called "Joel Nevile & The Something Must Breaks."

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[1] - Perspectives (USA)
[2] - Perspectives (AUS) 1 - Perspectives are an experimental duo from Florida 2 - Perspectives from Sydney's Northern Beaches are an emotional hardcore band, having shared the stage with bands like La Dispute, Endless Heights, Hopeless, 50 Lions, Snakepit, Cold Youth and Clipped Wings. Having released their first demo last year they have since announced the release of a split with German band White Fields.